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Become a confident & successful BREATHWORK FACILITATOR

with our blended online and in-person course


EMBARK on an extraordinary journey of  SELF-EMPOWERMENT

Breathwork facilitation: Is this right for ME?

Please do have a listen as we have a wonderful chat and answer questions such as why breathwork, what is the advantage to training in person, how will I be supported, do I learn different breathing styles and more. Plus we lead you on a gentle breathwork journey to gently enquire as to what facilitation would mean to you.

 FREE 5 Day Online Training 

EveryBODY Breathes: Which BODY Breathes You? 

We have different bodies of breath (energy, physical, mental, emotional + spiritual) which relate to the elements (fire, earth, air, water + space) and we have a tendency to use one over another BUT what if we could consciously breath with each body for our wellbeing and insight? What would that enable you to do, to be, to feel? Come and join us to find out. 
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Have you experienced the profound power your own breath has on your health, wellbeing and processing emotion?
Have you felt the immense clarity a Breathwork can bring?
Have you a calling to step into an exciting new field to help others transform through the wisdom of the breath?
At Beyond the Breath, we invite you to take a breath and step into a world class Breathwork Facilitator Training Course
A training which is comprehensive, connected, and guides you to not only acquire all the skills necessary to safely and effectively deliver breathwork BUT also takes you on your own personal journey to mastery, to facilitate from your path of experience, to confidently step into your power and become a wise soulful leader. 




Specifically, it will provide YOU with the following experiences and skills:

Confidently and safely hold one-on-one + group Breathwork sessions
Develop your own integrity + presence to facilitate workshops
Embrace your inner authority to successfully run both online +  in-person sessions
Powerfully step into your own wisdom + uniqueness as a facilitator
Complete a deep + profound journey of personal discovery to unleash your latent gifts and acknowledge your expertise + excellence
Ability to stay present + centered as you hold space for others whilst they are deep in process of release + transformation
Work with the 5 elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Water + Space  
The tools + knowledge to understand safety, client interaction, boundaries, science of breathing, trauma-informed practice, the spirit of breath + advanced facilitation skills
Regular opportunities for you to practice new skills in structured + supported spaces

Who is this course for?

Those who feel a calling deep inside to make a difference to another. The pioneers who wish to support individuals through a process of finding what they need to feel whole, to come back to self and live a more fulfilled life. The seekers who want to navigate clients on a journey to reveal their next aligned steps.
Together we develop your own path of mastery as you experience the profound wisdom the breath offers to your personal + professional expansion toolkit. 
The Beyond the Breath training honours where you are at, from novice to experienced facilitator. We will support you, whether you wish to add breathwork to an existing profession you have or wish to launch your business as Breathwork Facilitator.
Is Breathwork Facilitator Training For You?

Why Train to be a Breathwork Facilitator?

Breathwork is a rapidly growing field.  It is an amazing modality which allows people to process emotions, past events, and life without having to say a word. The breath can access the subconscious, by-pass the mental chatter and re-work our limiting beliefs to overcome self-sabotage. The breath can allow us to manage our day to day life, to deal with stress, overwhelm, anxiety and to give us insight, energy and rejuvenation and so much more.
Imagine being able to facilitate all of this to help another receive the benefits of the breath.
Breathwork to manage our lives

WHY CHOOSE beyond the breath & BREATHING SPACE?

Community and a down-to earth vibe is what makes Beyond the Breath & Breathing Space so special. We place a big emphasis on making sure everyone feels supported during and after their Breathwork journey.
We believe it’s important to embrace everything that it means to be alive. All people and all emotions are welcome. We empower our breathers to listen to their own wisdom and take what they need to fully experience the magic of being human.
Breathwork Facilitator Community

OUR Training Includes: 


The course material is drip-fed over the 6 month training period via our online learning platform. You are taught in a logical, well thought out fashion so you do not become overwhelmed as you learn what you need to become an extraordinary facilitator. 


To embody and consolidate your learning, we meet over 5 weekends.  During our weekends, we practice the skills you've acquired online to deepen your ability as a breathwork facilitator. You develop your unique style, confidence and deliver breathwork in an empowering, beautiful, supportive and safe manner. 


All trainees are put into smaller groups overseen by their allocated mentor. These groups are invaluable to your learning as the mentors have all gone through the Facilitation Course and know what is required. They are there to guide, to support, to motivate you, for conversations about your ideas and for breathwork practise. 


In between our in-person weekends, we will have regular check-ins over zoom to ensure you are being supported with your learning, answer queries and ensure you feel part of our wonderful breathing community.


We recognise that in addition to learning, there is practise, exploration and connection which develops who you are as a facilitator + as you gain confidence in your level of competence, we ensure you are supported throughout by:


It is our belief that the deepest learning comes from actually doing, therefore supported teaching spaces where trainees facilitate are an integral part of the course. You will be leading check-ins, exercises and breathworks during our weekends together. You will, also, have opportunities to lead the Online Breathing Spaces, which have a global audience, whilst being fully supported on your training and receiving the guidance you need to start leading.

Your evolution: personal journey + HOME STUDY 

To broaden learning, it is a requirement to choose and read from our extensive list of core books; to document, reflect and witness your own personal journey; to consciously breath and keep a breath journal; to be vulnerable as you share your life events and direction and of course to facilitate breathwork both one on one and group.


Beyond the Breath delivers their training in collaboration with Breathing Space, which means you join a beautiful + very welcoming community of breath workers which span around the world. The knowledge, sharing, support and opportunities are priceless.  
You are invited to be a part of this community from the moment you enrol. 

Application Process

Please note we keep this training to a small number to ensure you receive full attention + care. 

Limited to 12 Places 

Our application process is very straightforward with two options:
  1. if you wish to find out more or have questions answered or to understand if this is for you then please book yourself a call through our online calender.
  2. if you know this is the right training for you then please reserve your spot with a £100 deposit.
Fully inclusive price: £3,700 with a 10% discount for upfront payment and payment plans available.
We look forward to welcoming you onto The Beyond the Breath Breathwork Facilitator Training and getting to work with you as you become and extraordinary facilitator.


To welcome you onto this course, there are also a number of little extras for you
with love from Claire and Sharyn 

  • Complimentary access to The Curious Club Claire + Sharyn's wellness membership offering an oasis of serenity. Includes Workshops, Breathwork, Meditations, Kundalini Yoga & Astrology to balance a stressed out nervous system, to energise your life, embrace the joy of mental wellness by living in the present moment all whilst understanding yourself at a deeper level.
  • Nature's Breath of Business with Sharyn - Community, Coaching, Breathwork in line with the moon cycles. 
And through Breathing Space:
  • Facilitator Circle - the community of Teachers, Mentors, Graduates, Trainees and Apprentices.
  • Masterclasses delivered by experts in their field
  • Members have access to a huge library of Online Breathworks
  • Free entry to the Inspiration Festival: an amazing 24 hours of interviews, workshops and connection with some of the biggest names in the Breathwork community.
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