About Beyond the Breath

Sharyn and Claire birthed Beyond the Breath out of their love of breath and from what lies beyond it. For not only is the breath the first of natures cycles that we encounter, with the beautiful balance of inhale (receiving) and exhale (giving), but it also impacts every part of ourselves.

From our physical body, to our motivation and performance; From our emotional wellbeing to our mental clarity; From the mundane to the spiritual. Every facet of our life experience can be impacted by the breath, and having our own breathwork adventure is as incredible as what happens when we bring it to our clients or colleagues. 

We all breathe, and usually we breathe unconsciously and yet the magic happens when we bring our conscious attention to our breath, and focus our intention towards the best life experience possible. 

Are you ready to super charge your life, simply with the breath?

meet the teachers 

Sharyn with a why

Sharyn is a cosmic coach, counsellor and hypnotherapist, astrologer and soul plan practitioner she works with curious professionals who want to fully engage with their own being enabling them to remember their true nature. Beyond their career, their family and friends. To the heart of their being.

She has experienced a successful corporate career (Finance, Leadership, Marketing, Business Growth) that didn't cause any real stress beyond manageable eustress but being self-employed has almost broken her, many times.

Having navigated a burn-out/break-down, she now uses nature's cycles and rhythms to manage all four quadrants of life - body, mind, emotions, and spirit. The breath being the first cycle we encounter and the one that holds so much magic!

dr Claire Maguire

Claire is a Breathwork facilitator + teacher, kundalini yoga + meditation teacher, wellbeing life coach and holds a doctorate in Biochemistry but left research to run an underground record label.  She loves the fact breathwork involves making playlists!

She has worked within the wellness space for over a decade leading 400+ wellbeing retreats and is the founder, creator & lead teacher for Raw Horizons Wellbeing Coaching Academy, accredited with the NHS Personalised Care Institute.

As a sensitive person, who had to 'hold it all together' for everyone else whilst battling extreme stress she found the breath a remarkable way to process all those experiences, to settle a hyper-vigilant nervous system and, therefore, is a passionate advocate about the power the breath has on our health and emotional wellbeing.

Benedict Beaumont

Founder and Director of Breathing Space, Benedict is an Alchemy of Breath Mentor, a Director of the Jamie Catto School for the Insanely Gifted, and a qualified yoga teacher. He has been practicing yoga and meditation for over twenty years and teaching them both for over thirteen years.  Before setting up Breathing Space, Benedict was a high school teacher, a chef, and an IT consultant. He grew up in Brighton, UK but spends his time divided between the UK,  Canada and Asia. When not breathing he enjoys hiking, watching football (soccer), and general knowledge quizzes.

Breathing Space is proud to be a Global Professional Breathwork Alliance certified school. 

The Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA) is a consortium of professional breathwork schools, trainers, and practitioners who support and promote the integration of breathwork in the world as an accessible and vital healing modality that facilitates physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellness. The GPBA is open to all breathwork practitioners and schools agreeing to uphold the principles of ethics and standards set forward by the Alliance. www.breathworkalliance.com