Becoming aware of your breath is a simple yet profound practice to nourish your whole being

We can say a lot of compelling things about the breath, yet talking about it will only give you a glimpse of an understanding of how breathing consciously will be of benefit to you. For conscious breathing is an experiential, immersive experience and a truly wonderful practise.
If you spend any time with us, in person or here on this website, you've probably realised we are passionate about the breath.
Not only is the breath our vital life force, but when we consciously focus on our breathing, we open a doorway into our deeper selves. This is always a very personal experience, with the breath meeting you exactly where you are at and opening the potential of your evolution.
So, why don't you join us in a breath to experience this for yourself.

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EveryBODY Breathes: Which BODY Breathes You?

We have different bodies of breath (energy, physical, mental, emotional + spiritual) which relate to the elements (fire, earth, air, water + space) and we have a tendency to use one over another BUT what if we could consciously breath with each body for our wellbeing and insight? What would that enable you to do, to be, to feel? Come and join us to find out. 
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We offer FREE on-line breathworks in collaboration with Breathing Space and we invite you to come along.
Sharyn offers breathworks at each quarter and cross quarter festival where she leads the community in a ceremonial breathe around the Wheel of the Year. 
Claire offers breathworks to release the old to make way for the new in an empowering breathe around the emotions. 

Go beyond the breath 

The breath takes us to magical places for us to realise our innate wisdom and to feel happier with who we are and the lives we lead. 
Yet Beyond the Breath offers more than the breath with a series of classes on meditation, kundalini, astrology and wellbeing in The Curious Club, our online wellness membership.
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If you are not ready to join our membership then we invite you to partake in one of our upcoming events. We would love to see you.
Note: all events listed are taught over Zoom. 


3 -4.30pm (BST)
Wellbeing Workshop: What is Balance?
I, Claire, used to run a retreat called 'Balance Your Life' it was very popular! Why? As so many of feel out of balance, off kilter so to say and we seem to desperately want all aspects of our lives to be in balance. But what does that mean? What does a balanced life look like? In particular does it mean we have to have all areas of our lives in equal portions to be balanced? 

What about the balance of you in relation to what you give/do for others?
What about the balance of your wellbeing?
What about the balance of your inner and outer world?

As always there are lots of questions to answer, so why not come along to this workshop and see what we come up with. 


7 - 8pm (BST)
Empowering Breathwork: Bye Bye Martyr
Are you a people pleaser? Are you selflessly doing everything for everyone else? Are you needs somehow unimportant? Have you somehow got lost? I get it! You are a nice person, lovely and kind. Wanting the best for everyone which of course is a great trait. But could this overbalance into a tendency to be a martyr? Sacrificing all and loosing you in the process.This is often due to an inability to truly receive and a desire to give to much. Yet there needs to be a balance. Let us release the need to please, let go of the martyr archetype and do our damnest to say yes to you and want you want/need/desire.


7 - 8pm (BST)
Nourishing Breathwork: Personal Sanctuary
Creating your personal sanctuary not only creates a space for you to be completely free to be authentically you, it also creates natural energetic boundaries in your relationships. Perhaps your boundaries are so strong that you can't let anyone in. Perhaps your boundaries are so weak that everyone can invade your personal space.  
In this breathwork we are going to invite the breath to craft your energetic sanctuary. 


4 - 5.30 pm (BST)
Fireside Astrology: Scorpio and Pluto
Welcome to Scorpio. The depths of water. Ice. Intense Emotion.
We meet ‘around the fire’ on Zoom on the last Sunday of the month at 4pm to talk living astrology. I’ll share a little about Scorpio and Pluto who rules the sign.  Bringing the vibration and frequency of both into our midst and considering how we might see them in nature. Then you have the chance to share what you have in Scorpio and where Pluto is in your chart, and especially how you experience the energy.   
Of course, there will be some breath too