Course modules

The course modules comprises of 5 elements of online and in-person work 

Our training is structured around the elements; Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Space to reflect the connection the breath has to the natural elemental world with each exhale and how the natural elemental world is taken in to our beings with each inhale. 
The Beyond the Breath Facilitator Certification is comprehensive, encouraging and empowering. We cover all aspects you need to have the skill set and confidence to deliver breathwork as we take theory into application. 
We believe fully in the wisdom of the breath as it operates on all aspects of being; our body, our motivation, our mental clarity, our emotions and our spirit or soul, and so our training embodies what the breath means to you and your journey.  We delve into your individuality, uncover your unique essence and inner courage for you to step into and show up as a facilitator who makes a difference. The inner personal journey is an important aspect to facilitation, so The Beyond the Breath learning style reflects this and gives you time to integrate each stage of our teaching.
You are fully supported by both teachers and a personal mentor.
Our collaboration with Breathing Space ensures this course has been fully recognised as a Practitioner Training Programme by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance.

Element 1: EARTH :: The Foundations

  • Understanding the valuable role you have in your clients journey.

  • How to care for your breathers and for yourself.

  • The necessity of creating a safe frame for breathwork.

  • Learning how to facilitate effective shares and difficult situations.

  • The importance of Ethics and Boundaries and holding space.

  • Finding your voice to deliver effective breathwork journeys.

  • Weave a breath journey with the ebb and flow of themes, music selection, words, silence & integration to fully support your breather.

Element 2: fire :: the impact

  • How to effectively lead one to one & group breathworks.

  • The why's & how's of when to use touch with in-person breathers.

  • Training others to be 'angel support' for you.

  • Create life-changing workshops.

  • Taking a spark of an idea and making it your breathwork business or addendum to your existing work.

  • Developing who you are as a breathworker & owning your unique style.

element 3: air :: The mechanics

  • The empirical side of breathwork.

  • Dive into the anatomy & physiology of breath.

  • Understand the contraindications to breathwork.

  • How to handle abreactions and develop confidence to manage any situation which may arise with a breather or a group.

  • Learn a variety of breath techniques to master breathing for energy, focus, balance, calm, relaxation and sleep.

element 4: water :: The experiences

  • Understanding the role of trauma in breathwork.

  • Navigating nervous system regulation.

  • Tools to help safely release trauma & past memories.

  • The role of your transmission to the breather.

  • Experience the profound depths breath takes you on an emotional personal journey:  the sorrow of your lows to the bliss of your highs.

  • Developing the breath of genius to gain clairty and insight.

  • The ecstatic oneness of breath and spirit & consciousness.

element 5: space :: The gift

  • Bringing it all together as you confidently take your skills out to the world.

  • Identifying the value of what you offer and communicating your services.

  • Stepping up as a Rockstar Breathworker.

  • Delivering your graduation project to further contribute to the exciting field of breathwork.

  • Celebration of the journey you have been on.

Personal Journey & practicum

If we are to hold others deep in process, we have to be prepared to go on a continuing journey of self exploration and healing.

It is expected for you to have a daily short breath practice and a weekly longer CCB breathwork journey and commit to regularly go to your deepest and tenderest edges.

As you go deeper into your personal journey, we ask you to write 5 blog pieces to document your process.

There is a requirement to support your journey of breath with reading from an extensive reading list we provide and for you to submit 3 book reports.

The only real way to become a breathwork facilitator is to facilitate Breathworks. It is, therefore, a graduation requirement for trainees to deliver 5 group breathworks and deliver and receive 5 one on ones. Self-evaluation and participant feedback must be completed for these. Opportunities for this are given through our various Online Breathing Spaces but it is expected that trainees will also organise their own too.